The new series

Raptor 4V

Revolutionary Fire Suppression system

Raptor FC

Fire Suppression System for Bus and Trucks

Due to urbanization, public transportation is increasingly under pressure to serve more passengers, buses are bigger and runs at higher frequency. The heart of the bus is the engine which is in a totally enclosed area. Most bus fire starts from the engine compartment and spread very quickly throughout the bus.

As a result of protecfire‘s ingenuity and consistent research & development of the extinguishing technology for vehicle engine protection, we created a revolutionary fire suppression technology that is unlike any others. We call this new system Raptor FC.

Installation is quick and easy as there are only three main components; Liquid Agent container (small and compact), nozzles and detectors. No electricity is needed. No plastic tubes as fire detectors!

The protecfire system is developed to use worldwide in both cold and hot climate, our extinguishing system is thoroughly vibration and temperature tested according to vehicle standards to ensure it will perform in any situation.

Since the system is almost maintenance-free, high expenses and downtimes are significantly reduced for the operating company.

the Amazing detector

Raptor Eye

With this revolutionary technology, we eliminate the traditional use of a long plastic tube as sensor for fire detection by using our patented Raptor Eye detectors – single point variable temperature (selectable) heat detectors (as we believe that every part of the engine compartment has different temperatures therefore cannot fairly measured (sensed) by merely one homogenous plastic sensor tube.

nozzle engineering specialists

Fine-spray Technology

With the fine-spray Spray Bars nozzles developed by protecfire, a comparatively small amount of our propriety liquid extinguishing agent TIBOREX will create an enormous cooling reaction hence absorbing large amount of thermal energy from the fire resulting in a very fast extinguishing of the fire, with no chance of re-ignition as it caused a significant decline in temperature and the remaining liquid agent forms a sealing (blanket) film over the components.

Raptor FC test

Airport truck fire test

Protecfire Raptor FC


  • Simple installation and (re-)fitting
  • No parts need to be replaced for 10 years.
  • Almost maintenance-free – optionally, maintenance can be carried out by the customer‘s own personnel
  • Exact and ultra fast fire detection through patented fire detection element
  • German engineering quality and approvals
  • Fully mechanical, no external electrical power supply needed
  • Long extinguishing agent discharge time (up to 90 sec.)
  • Operates at -50°C to 80°C ambient temperature
safety of testing


Our certified products go through a hard process, so that you are sure that they will work when needed.