the perfect Entry level

A very competitive, entry level system.
Manual activation

entry level, high standards – manual activation
RAPTOR lite — NEW FOR 2021 —

This is a No Pressure (container is completely filled with 8L of Tiborex Absolute) a Manually actuated system whereby the gas propellant is kept at the Manual Actuator. There is an optional pressure switch integrated with the container to send signal of an activation. The nozzles are standard German made X1 nozzles.
This is a very competitive, entry level system.

Sometimes, small fire ignitions can be solved
with small hand-held fire suppressors.”
The Raptor Lite is the last resort, when things go worse!
Manual activate: Extinguish!
Sometimes, you can save the main fire-suppression system

Decisions in the right moment

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems can be expensive, and small fires can be often controllable.

protecfire developed the first fixed system for manual activation, so that small fires don’t cause big expenses.
Easy to engage in any moment, just take the action!

Single Line

Stainless Steel made

Easy to Install

Fully Mechanical

No Electrical Power Supply Needed

5 years – no parts replacement

Operates in Temp. of: -55ºc to 80ºc

Low Maintenance

Shock & Vibration Resistant