Energy Storage System
Fire Suppression

ESS fire protection - T-REX

  • Protecting up to 12 ESS containers
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Argon Gas and Tiborex Liquid Extinguishing 
  • 3 Stages fire protection
  • Premium Construction (long lasting)

  • No Electricity required 
  • No Pressure in the pipeline
  • No Pressure in the main container
  • No False Alarms
  • Multiple system integration
  • Directional Valve technology
  • In-Container Solution


Triple Stage Fire Protection


(smoke detector)
Argon gas extinguishing

In the first stage, in the first phase, there is an alarm via smoke detectors.
This detection activates the Argon gas extinguishing system. In this way there is a prior deprivation of oxygen inside the container, removing the strength of the fire and avoiding explosions.
Argon gas is very effective and does not generate toxic fumes with the mixture of components from a battery fire.

Fire detection

(Spy thermo-pneumatic detectors)
Liquid and gas extinguishing

In the second stage, if an anomalous temperature is detected, the system starts the second fire extinguishing phase. 
The special extinguishing agent Tiborex Absolute is driven into the container in which the SPY temperature detector was triggered.
Mixed with the propellant Argon, there is a 10x greater cooling effect than water and a drastic reduction of the oxygen inside the container. We have hereby the best formula for extinguishing a fire.

Fire brigade connectivity

for aftermath and safe action from the fire brigades

In the third stage, an aftermath is considered. The container keeps the oxygen levels low for some time. In combination with Tiborex, it is ensured that there are no re-ignitions.
When the fire brigade arrives, they can connect their water hoses to the container and reduce the levels of noxious gases and oxygen with an extra Argon bottle.
In this way, they can safely follow up to the stage of opening the container door, without any danger of explosion or fire from the sudden influx of oxygen.

Multiple containers with the same fire suppression

Directional Valve System

Various containers can be connected to the same system.
A fire always has a precise point of origin.
The fire location is the only place where the extinguishing agent is addressed.
By doing this, the extinguishing agent is effectively directed
exclusively in the necessary areas.
= increased amount of extinguishing agent at the fire spot!

Less equipment, less maintenance, more savings!

Fully pneumatic (No energy required)

No pressure in the piping network

In-Container Solution

  • Plug & play solution
  • Easily transportable
  • Equipment protection against wild life and vandalism
  • Weather protection
  • Optional temperature control inside the container

Built to last, Always active!

  • No Electricity required to operate
  • Stainless Steel
  • Top quality fittings 
  • Liquid Agent does not expire 
  • No pressure (pipings and liquid agent tank)
It has a thermo-pneumatic detection system, which detects the temperature rise. When it is activated, through this patented technology, it causes the extinguishing agent tank to take action, diverting Tiborex to the container at risk.

Tiborex Absolute

  • Liquid extinguishing Agent
  • Cooling effect
  • Does not lose properties in storage
  • Less Chances to re-iginte.
  • High penetration due to the fine spray.
  • Extreme cooling effect (10x higher than water).
  • Extreme oxygen depravation and suffocation effect, enhanced with the mixed Argon propelant.

Connection for Fire Brigades

  • Connect to T-REX via local fire brigade fittings (e.g. Storz)
  • Flooding of the container by water supplied by the fire brigade. The T-Rex receives this water directly and sprays it through its own piping system, without the need for the fire brigade to put itself in danger.