Industrial Kitchens Fire Protection

VdS Approved Fire Protection


Kitchens fire protection

Industrial Fryers fire protection

溢价 自动灭火系统



  • UP TO 1,83m from the frying surface!
  • 没有压力
  • 没有电
  • (差不多) maintenance free
  • 超快的检测和扑灭
  • 混合系统 (液体/气体)
  • 可在所有角度和位置工作
  • VdS certification S 613002
  • One nozzle for everything 
  • Distance to the frying surface can be up to 1.83m
  • No Caps due to patented nozzle
  • No replacement of components for 10 years
  • Only one compact container – no control cabinet needed

1 nozzle fire test

No hanging pipes to disturb your work!

Hidden detectors and very high positioned nozzles

FM11K Kitchen Nozzles


Longest distance between cooktop and nozzles on the market
  • 1,83m – From nozzle up to stove / cooktop
  •  2,73m from ground level
  • Self-cleaning nozzle (special stainless steel finishing)
  • No cap
  • 稳健
  • Can be washed with standard cleaning tools and detergent

Best looking | Most robust | Most technologically advanced

50L, 20L, 10L

firespy container, a work of art

  • 2 Lines System: 1 pipeline for Detection 1 pipeline for Extinguishing
  • 没有压力 | no need to check pressures | no pressure leaks | no gauges
  • Excellent  design
  • 不锈钢
  • Works on any angle and position

Can be installed on any angle and position!

  • Lying down
  • Standing up
  • Head down
  • On any other angle

Spy - Thermo pneumatic detection


  • 简单、超快、可靠
  • 没有错误的警报。
  • 已获专利
  • 多种温度范围。
    57 ºC - 68 ºC - 79 ºC - 93 ºC - 110 ºC - 141 ºC - 182 ºC - 230 ºC - 260 ºC
  • 对隐藏的火种很敏感
  • 稳健和精确
  • 不锈钢
  • 超快的RTI 12(反应时间)。


  • 非常坚固
  • 与水箱的距离可达20米(使用增压器则更远)。
  • 耐候性
  • 易于操作
  • 长期持久

Perfect and Clean Installations!

No hanging pipes!

Kitchen fire protection

Deep Fryers fire protection






2 lines 






TiboRex Absolute是一种即用型液态特种灭火剂,不添加氟化物,用于高效扑灭固体火灾(A级火灾)、液体、非极性碳氢化合物(B级火灾)和食用油脂。这种特殊的配方,其主要成分也被用作食品添加剂,保证了卓越的灭火性能和空前的环境保护。


  • Protection against total loss of equipment
  • No fire destruction Insurability
  • More favorable insurance premiums Avoidance of damage to image
  • 保护环境
  • Employees safety

Essential components of the system in Kitchens

  • 带有内部控制单元的灭火剂容器
  • 气动触发元件
  • 精细喷头
  • 控制阀


In the design of the extinguishing concept, the focus is not on protecting the kitchen as an area but instead on protecting individual objects. In Kitchens, the following critical points are to be protected:
  • Extractor (outside / inside)
  • Burn / flame equipment
  • Oil / fryer equipment

The fire-suppression system is based on the principle of a fine spray extinguishing system.

The protecfire nozzles spray the extinguishing agent  as very fine droplets.

The extinguishing agent droplets wet, impregnated and cool the burning surfaces.

Through reflections and turbulence, the extinguishing agent also reaches adjacent areas, which enables the entire engine compartment to be protected.

  • Unpressurised standby mode for improved safety: The fire-suppression system is not pressurized until it is triggered.
  • Low maintenance: first regular component replacement after 10 years.
  • Self-sustaining without external energy: protecfire suppression systems operate pneumatically-mechanically. This means that they do not require any additional power supply.
  • Automatic and/or manual triggering: Automatic triggering is effected by fire detection elements. The fire-suppression system can also be triggered by a pneumatic manual release mechanism.





In which buildings and cases can the suppression system be applied?
The system is free of dangers and easy to install. It can be installed in any restaurant kitchen, food area, production, food factory.

Where is the automatic detection and extinguishing system placed?
On top of risk areas, such as extraction sites. The nozzles and detectors are installed in the extraction heater, discreetly. They are distributed in such a way that equipment can be moved around, maintaining the freedom of kitchen layout. In the case of linear food production machines, it is placed in the hood immediately above the fats and heat zone. The entire system is distributed along simple stainless steel tubing.

Can I protect only one area or do I have to equip the entire kitchen?
You can protect only one fryer for example, as our system is modular and grows as needed. However, in our projects, we always recommend the full coverage of the burning and extraction zones.

If there is a fire, will my equipment be damaged by the extinguishing agent?
TiboRex Absolute is a liquid extinguishing agent, in order to be safe and effective. Electrical components may be damaged, although when the system trips the electricity is cut off automatically. All other equipment is never affected and subsequent cleaning is quick and easy. Other types of extinguishing agents would not be as effective or safe.

Does it take a long time to install a system?
No. Depending on the size of the kitchen, but for example a 5×1 meter linear hotel, it takes about 3 hours to install. The system is easy to assemble and disassemble.

No. Our system is accurate and detects temperatures with precision. Depending on where the thermal sensors are placed, a specific temperature is chosen. Usually it is out of the reach of a flame momentarily caused by a cook to flambé for example, it needs temperatures previously chosen, in the chosen place.

Can’t the nozzles clog with fats?
No. Our kitchen nozzles are designed to stay clean and unobstructed. They are designed specifically for food areas, maintaining their appearance and cleanliness during their useful life.

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