Protecfire GmbH emerged from its origins in Luebeck Germany, amidst the challenging landscape of the hazardous underground coal mines. Grounded in our core values of quality, innovation, creativity, and adaptability, we have pioneered cutting-edge technologies designed for resilience in the harshest environments. Our solutions stand out for their mechanical autonomy, not requiring electricity, absence of pipeline pressure, streamlined and compact designs, minimal maintenance, and ease of installation. Hence the company achieved groundbreaking milestone as the creators of the world’s premier entirely mechanical, automated fire suppression system, harnessing fine spray rapid cooling technology.

Originating in the challenging environment of underground coal mines in Germany, Protecfire’s primary focus was to develop explosion-proof, high quality and completely mechanical automatic fire suppression systems utilizing a non-hazardous and environmentally friendly fine-spray liquid agent. Since then, the company expanded its product range to serve both underground and open-pit mines, buses, wind turbines, commercial kitchens and to the defense industries.

Our steadfast commitment to innovation and continuous research and development has resulted in a multitude of patented technologies. These include ultra-fast heat detection via glass bulbs, dust suppression fine spray technology, liquid agent expulsion via embedded rubber balloon technology, self-cleaning kitchen nozzles and many other innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

As our business grows and the drive to serve our customers’ needs globally increases, we have expanded our international presence to Singapore and China. Protecfire (Asia Pacific) Ltd, established and headquartered in Singapore, operates as our regional hub serving the fast-growing Asia Pacific region.

Protecfire (Langfang) Fire Systems Technology Co. Ltd was established in China, as a company-owned factory, located in Guan Hebei province, facilitates the development and production of our Raptor series products. Additionally, to drive the global business development Protecfire Engineering Pte Ltd was established in Singapore as our global sales center, overseeing and supporting all international business development initiatives.

At Protecfire, our commitment lies in persistently serving our global customers with unwavering dedication to quality products and the pursuit of safety.

Published 2023

Mike Goh - CEO & Managing Director
Langfang Headquarters - China

Eng. Roberto Solis

Protecfire GmbH –  Europe Headquarters

Mike Goh

Protecfire (Asia Pacific) Ltd
Protecfire Engineering Pte Ltd
Protecfire (Langfang) Fire Systems Technology Co. Ltd.

Zhang Wen Xi

Protecfire (Langfang) Fire Systems Technology Co. Ltd.
Guan. Langfang. Hebei, China

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