Raptor AR

Argon Selected as the extinguish agent. Safe and effective

Argon gas fire suppression systems
Gaseous Fire Suppression System for Electrical Cabinets

This innovative gas fire suppression system RAPTOR AR was developed especially for use under harsh climatic conditions (operating temperatures from -50 ° C to + 80 ° C). In particular, for the protection of housed equipment, such as switches and distribution cabinets, cable trays, machine tools (equipment protection) or closed areas with generators or internal combustion engines.

The inert gas fire protection systems RAPTOR AR combat fires by supplying argon to reduce the oxygen content in the protected area.

They are particularly suitable for the protection of electrical control cabinets cable trays and small rooms with high value and sensitive equipment, in which a residue-free extinguishing without the use of chemical gases, water, foam or powder as extinguishing agent is required.

Argon as natural components of the ambient air, is non-toxic and electrically non-conductive. No other gaseous extinguishing agent has such an excellent environmental balance. Both gases are therefore not only future-proof, but also easily and readily available almost anywhere.

Inert gases have a first-class extinguishing effect for fires of fire class A (solids), B (flammable liquids) and C (flammable gases). Argon is also the only extinguishing gas suitable for fires of fire class D (metal fires).

With this patented system, the extinguishing and pilot function are carried out over just one pipe line. In addition to saving on material and mounting, this solution takes up less space in the protected area. Installation is quick and easy as there are only two main components; Gas container and Raptor Eye. No electricity is needed.

The standard steel containers require almost no maintenance and can be stored for up to 10 years.

Raptor AR Technology

The suppression system consists mainly of a high pressure gas cylinder filled with argon gas, a connecting pipe and the revolutionary patented temperature release elements Raptor-Eye. Protecfire uses thermopneumatic fire detection elements, Raptor-Eye, to detect fire. These elements only trigger the fire-suppression system if a specified (determined) temperature is exceeded.

The Raptor-Eye has a three in one function; fire sensor (detector), discharge nozzle and selector valve.

The single pipeline is both the pilot and extinguishing line, the gas will only be released into the Raptor-Eye that has been triggered by the fire, the rest unaffected protected areas remains closed.

An advantage of providing the extinguishing agent in a gaseous form is that there is no evaporation as it flows out. This means that there is neither mist nor condensation, which, in combination with breakdown products from the fire, might cause consequential damage (especially in electrical plants). The “cold shock”, which is a constant risk with other gas systems is vanned.

safety of testing


Our certified products go through a hard process, so that you are sure that they will work when needed.

protecfire gas


  • Simple installation and (re-)fitting
  • No parts need to be replaced for 10 years.
  • Almost maintenance-free – optionally, maintenance can be carried out by the customer‘s own personnel
  • Exact and ultra fast fire detection through patented fire detection element
  • German engineering quality and approvals
  • Fully mechanical, no external electrical power supply needed
  • Compact and space saving system
  • Operates at -55°C to 80°C ambient temperature