Fire Suppression System

No pressure in the entire pipeline just like detexline system, a competitive system with the same protecfire quality and durability

High quality entry-level systems

raptor fire suppression system by protecfire

The Raptor Series is developed for a high-end customer that needs a quality product and a value offer for its fleet.

Price and quality demand meet each other in one extremely efficient product, made with the top end German Technology and research, with the unique solution patented by protecfire.

Raptor detex is a robust system that is electricity-free, has no pressure in the piping and hoses, works on a single line (detection and extinguishing).


  • No component replacement for 5 years 
  • Easy installation and (re)assembly
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Accurate and ultra-fast fire detection through patented fire detection element
  • Non-pressurised in operational mode (in the pipe)
  • No external power supply required
  • Long extinguishing agent discharge times (up to 90 sec.)
  • Various activation temperatures possible in one system Use at ambient temperatures from -30°C to 80°C
  • Unique hybrid system due to combined gas suppression and fine spray system
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Installation possibilities: Horizontal / Vertical / Inclined
  • Possible activation temperature settings:
    57ºC | 68ºC | 79ºC | 93ºC | 110ºC | 141ºC | 182ºC | 230ºC | 260ºC
raptor fire suppression system by protecfire

System with:

Extinguishing Agent Container
Detector SPY86
Fine spray nozzles on optional
Manual activator


Fire Suppression System for Mining and Off-Road Vehicles

Due to ever more compact and efficient construction machines, which also have to meet stricter and stricter environmental requirements, the risk of fire is increasing. As a result of Protecfire ingenuity and consistent research & development of the extinguishing technology for heavy vehicle engine protection, we created a revolutionary fire suppression technology that is unlike any others. We call this new system Raptor DETEX (detexline (detection – extinguishing Line) ; With no pressure in the entire pipeline, an integrated pipeline technology.

With this patented system, the extinguishing and pilot function are carried out over just one pipe line, the liquid agent container is compact and factory sealed, the patented SPY detectors can be selected based on pre-determined temperature for activation (as we believe that the engine compartment have different temperatures at different areas, such as the turbocharger).

Our compact design provides saving on material and mounting, this solution takes up less space in the object it protects and can be optimally integrated. Installation is quick and easy as there are only four main components; Liquid Agent container, Manual Actuators, Detectors and Spray Nozzles. No electricity is needed. No plastic tube detectors!

raptor fire suppression system by protecfire

Extinguishing Agent Tank

  • Patented – Unique Pneumatic Release System
  • Can be placed in any position (vertical or horizontal)
  • Stainless Steel with electrostatic coating finish paint Ral 3000
  • Patented – Stainless Steel Valve System
  • Liquid Agent: Tiborex Absolute – Exclusive protecfire Clean Liquid Agent
  • Effective against Liquid, Solid, and Grease fires

Fine-spray Technology​

With the fine-spray Spray nozzles developed by protecfire, a comparatively small amount of our propriety liquid extinguishing agent TIBOREX will create an enormous cooling reaction hence absorbing large amount of thermal energy from the fire resulting in a very fast extinguishing of the fire, with no chance of re-ignition as it caused a significant decline in temperature and the remaining liquid agent forms a sealing (blanket) film over the components.

  • Patented Unique Nozzle Solution
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Reduces installation time by 70%.
  • Very Small – virtually fits anywhere
  • Stainless Steel
  • S1 0.5 Factor – Fine Spray Technology / K1.5 factor on X1 Nozzles
  • Up to 90º Spray Pattern
  • High Quality and Resistant Nozzle Caps

SPY86 Detection

With this revolutionary technology, we eliminate the traditional use of a long plastic tube as sensor for fire detection by using our patented SPY detectors – single point variable temperature (selectable) heat detectors (as we believe that every part of the engine compartment has different temperatures therefore cannot fairly measured (sensed) by merely one homogenous plastic sensor tube.

  • Patented Unique Detector
  • No Electricity Required
  • Stainless Steel CNC Machined
  • Available Detection Temperatures
    •57ºC •68ºC •79ºC •93ºC •110ºC •141ºC •182ºC •230ºC 260ºC

How it Works?

The Raptor Tank is pressurized, though the piping network is not.
SPY86 Detectors will activate through thermal detection hence releasing pressure into the pipeline and to the cylinder Control Valve which then activates the release of the extinguishing agent.
Fine spray nozzles will disperse the Tiborex Absolute providing the cooling effect and effectively extinguishing fires in the first seconds.
It can be remotely manually activated.
An alarm/buzzer and test button can be installed.


The Raptor System is a “pre-engineered” system.
No electric components.
All the parts are fixed by clamps and screwed into fixing places.
The maximum distance from the tank is 15 meters.
The tank can be placed in any position (Vertical / Horizontal).


Visual Check all the elements (detector, piping, manual trigger, alarm and tank).
6 Months Maintenance – Tank pressure check.

 Single Line  Fully Mechanical  Easy to Install  Operates in Temp. of: -50ºc to 80ºc  Stainless Steel

 Robust  Low Maintenance   No Electricity  No Pressure